When it rains indoors 

It’s 4am here and I’ve been up 2.5 hours, ever since it started raining indoors – which was shortly after it started bucketing it down outdoors!

So I’m going to update my list of things to have on standby should this ever happen to you:

  • Have a couple of buckets on standby. Seriously. You don’t want to be rummaging in the garden shed in the rain if you need one.
  • Know where your fuse box is and which switch does what. You only need to turn off the power to the areas affected.
  • Have one or two torches to hand. And towels. Lots of them… Good job I didn’t put them in storage.
  • If your kids or partner panic, then set em up a bed somewhere safe and out of the way. It’s better than tripping over them.
  • Be a night owl and have a handy waterproof radio… You’re gonna need it to keep you company as your wring the towels out every 30 minutes and generally keep an eye on things. That’s my plan anyway, until the builders wake up and find my messages on their phones…
  • For obvious reasons, limit the amount of time you spend under any ceiling where a leak is present. 
  • Don’t panic yourself. Likely worst case scenario is new plasterboard required and their insurance will get some redecorating done for you. No one died!

Happy bank holiday! 😂


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