Catching up!

I know I’ve been lax updating the blog recently – in my defence, it turns out that actual gardening is more interesting than writing blog posts! Nevertheless, I do want to keep a record of the garden as it matures; already people find it hard to believe that the garden is only a year old! So, in no particular order, here are save of my favourite garden snaps of recent times.


I keep the colour of the largest flower bed mainly to green and here you can see all the tall Miscanthus grass (that was cut to the ground in spring) adding lovely ‘flow’ above the dried alliums that I’ve kept in for interest. The Mr has been doing a fab job of looking after the lawn too as it is looking especially lush here.


Zooming in on a couple of my fave garden ornaments bought from The Chelsea Flower show – I confess that I actually bought these to be gifts, but then couldn’t bear to give them away…


I bought some extra hanging baskets earlier this year. The baskets themselves were a bargain at 99p each from the 99p shop in town. The brackets were mail order and worked out around £6 each I think – they’re nifty as they require no drilling, being designed to clasp onto cement fence posts. The coral colour petunia are gorgeous, I can’t wait for them to properly take over the space.


Here’s a shot of the ‘etoile violet’ clematis doing its thing. Last year we only had a handful of flowers before an attack of dry mildew took over. Early preventative treatment with a fungicide and diligent pinching out this year has led to a much better, long lasting display.




The top pic is a favourite corner of the garden with trailing hardy geranium rozanne pouring over the edge of the raised bed, along with an annual type of pink fluorescent geranium. The climbers (jasmin ‘fiona sunrise’ and clematis ‘Bill McKenzie’) are scrambling away and my lovely purple and pink hardy fuschia is thriving in the new bed too (it was previously in a ground-level bed but I moved it to prevent back stain from keeping it tidy!).

In lower pictures you can also see our violets and pansies trouping on, along with a lovely day lily, honeysuckle and red coloured goats-beard.

Happy gardening everyone!


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