February clematis pruning

Here are some quick before and after pics of the pruning I carried out in February 2015 of the Etoile Violet and Bill Mackenzie clematis plants in the garden. Bill was cut back to his main stems and looks much tidier. I left the puffs of seed heads on as their charm hasn’t worn off on me yet.  Etoile Violet has been cut down to new bud growth 30cm from the ground [planter] so that the plant channels its Spring energy into throwing up extra stems from the base. If you look closely, you can see that that is exactly what it has done within just 2-3 weeks here.

These pics show plants that have been in the ground for about 9 months, planted last June-ish from 9cm pot plants.

**If you are about to prune your clematis plants, be sure to look up what pruning ‘type’ or ‘group’ they belong to first, as different types need different pruning regimes in terms of timing in the year to cut and what,  if at all, to cut.**





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