Props! Setting up your perfect home study & work area

I always remember that when l was at school my teacher said something really useful to me:

“Props. Go to WH Smith and get yourself some props.”

I had told her that l was struggling to get motivated to do my GCSE revision, and ‘props’ were her top tip. And she was right! Coloured post-it notes, folders… whatever it takes to make you look forward to getting organised helps us with studying. I think that even the process of thinking about how you are going to study helps and gets you organised – if you can imagine yourself studying and doing well, then you will do well.

Anyway, so here I am, 16 years later getting prepped with the aid of some props, getting ready to do some postgraduate study. A folder doesn’t cut it for me anymore – I need to carve out a whole work area in an already pretty packed house.I haven’t got a room to spare so I’ve decided to utilise this bit of space on the landing in the upstairs hallway.

It’s pretty compact, but a corner workstation from IKEA makes the most of the vertical space and a mini-filing cabinet efficiently gets to grips with paperwork.  I also framed some wallpaper I liked on the wall to mark out the area on the landing as a defined ‘space within a space’. l will probably develop this further in time and maybe put up some shelves, but I’m happy with the effect so far… soon I can stop visualising.. and start studying!





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