Standard Wisteria

Here we have it, from hole in  the ground to feature tree seat!

I’ve learnt that a ‘standard’ in gardening is basically anything that if it grew naturally by itself then it would be a bush (a shrub). But if every year the lower branches are lopped off it then it can be trained to look, in effect, like a tree.

Here we have a white wisteria standard that is about 5-7 years old. It did flower this spring but unfortunately that was before I got to put it in the ground.  It has about 5 foot of clear stem before the branches begin so that when you can sit on the seat under it with a bit of headroom.

Underneath the wisteria I’ve used Spanish white pebbles (large) and we’ve planted 2 albus (white) thyme plants and 2 black dragon ornamental grasses. Over time the thyme will creep over and around the pebbles. So when you tread on it to sit on the bench,  you’ll release it’s scent.

The colour of the black dragon grass contrasts nicely with the white thyme and stone. It will provide movement also when there is a breeze.  After the wisteria flowers I will have green leaves that will drop during autumn, but hopefully the weeping shape of the branches will hold to catch the frost gracefully in winter.  Finally, when the flowers are out in spring time, there’ll be a lovely perfume when you take a seat.

All good!






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