Kitsch, Retro Caravan – for sale!

OK, so this isn’t usually what I use my blog for – and this is technically neither garden or Victorian terrace related. But it did involve a lot of crafting at one stage. And beside I need a platform to keep a record of this little piece of my history and now that my new home has no driveway on which to keep it, but does have a garden in need of new plants – I need to sell this to help fund my garden’s plants!!



1 x 1986-ish Sprite Alpine caravan. 4 berth (1x double and 2 x single).


Much loved, light to tow and water tight. The table transforms into a double bed. The bench transforms into a pull up double. There is a tall storage cupboard and a separate bathroom area with a hand basin and room for the portaloo if you chose to keep that indoors. The kitchenette has a grill, 2 x gas hobs, a fridge with mini freezer compartment and a sink with a foot pump operated water supply. As you will see from the list below, this caravan comes bundled with lots of extra accessories in it – so you wouldn’t need to spend money on anything once you got it.


– battery

– nearly full canister of gas

– solar panel trickle battery (this prevents the battery from running down in periods of non use, like over winter)

– Full awning (adds an extra room to the outside of the caravan) AND breathable floor mat for the area (carpet for the outdoors that doesn’t kill grass).

– Portaloo and chemicals.

– Aqua-roll

– Electric hook up cable

– Spare tyre and tow bar lock

– camping chairs

– sprite alpine handbook and other books on caravanning (including Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five go off in a caravan – the ultimate lifestyle guide).

– 70s crockery and homemade bunting

– pots and pans

– fishing net. obviously. endless fun.

– double sided hand made curtains, made from original retro fabrics and new designer fabrics imported from the USA

– evidence of a live-in fairy (the door is on the outside of the overhead locker. when you look inside, there is very clearly a miniature fairy bed and kitchen table visible. Resident fairy is only possible explanation).

– kitsch and cute cushions with granny blanket. If Judy Garland in technicolour captured holding Toto on a slim cushion cover doesn’t take your fancy… well, that’s just up to you.

The caravan would most likely be loved by creative people with imagination and kids. Would make a great crafting room! Hell, I used to just enjoy it for ordering pizza to and sitting in it on my driveway when the house was a mess…

But on a more serious note: this is a very useable caravan. If the retro decor really isn’t for you, then it is removeable (wall motifs are static cling stickers in the main). Most important is that this is clean and watertight and everything functions inside the caravan as it should do. There is wear and tear due to it’s age, but this is minimal. At one point there was a leak in the bathroom, however this was long ago fixed and has not leaked in the 3 or 4 years I have owned it. The caravan comes with all the accessories you need that would otherwise cost you money.

*NOTE: THE GAS FIRE IS NOT CERTIFIED FOR USE* I’ve never used it and nowadays this would have to be certified safe for use by a gas safe engineer. I simply haven’t used it and I offer it for sale to you on the condition that you do not use it without having the appropriate safety checks carried out yourself. You don’t need it though. Plug in a small portable fan heater. It is cheaper to run and safer too.

Finally: there is one outstanding thing to take into consideration for sale of this caravan and that is that on last use the bearings on one of the wheels announced that it needed replacing. Due to this I offer 2 sale prices, dependent on your choice:

If you are handy and would prefer to save some money and fix this yourself then the cost to take the caravan away as it stands today is £300.

If you would like me to get the bearings fixed for you and then you take it away with the repair shiny and new, then the price is £500.

Collection from Bedford in the first instance.

Collection from Bedford or Milton Keynes if in the second.


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