The EASTER ZONE of the Crystal Maze

Today I set an Easter Egg hunt in the shed for my partner. He’s 31. It had a 30 second timer on it prior to a  potential lock in. Sounds harsh – but how would it be a realistic zone of the Crystal Maze (aka the popular 90s gameshow with Richard O Brien) otherwise? And besides, he suggested it.

Nb. If you’ve never looked up outtakes of the best contestants from Crystal Maze on YouTube before, then you really should.

But why all this Easter Egg hunting in the shed you ask?

Well, because my friend I recently become drowned in remortgage paperwork to the extent that I couldn’t think straight on the plants lark and consequently there are still no flowers in my garden. So to make me happy, I redecorated and organised the shed instead. A nice achievable bank holiday weekend task. And it IS making me happy!

Previously the shed was piled floor to ceiling with STUFF. I wish I’d taken a picture now but I didn’t. So instead, here is a picture of all the STUFF that was in the shed… piled up outside the shed…


Inside, the shed was bare and the wood hasn’t been treated in years.


Many a deceased shrivelled up spidey was found. There was occasionally a big live one too. And at those points I called him indoors to deal with it for me. Because I’m a wuss, clearly.

Originally there was,  in fact,  also another shelf in the shed that was higher than the one in the picture. I decided to take that down as it meant you couldn’t use the waist height shelf as a bench, which was useless really.

Next step was painting everything. Just used a cheap tin of coloured woodgrain from wilko. I needed to eek it out toward the end (I.e. Water it down), but all was okay with that.


Next, to decide on storage solutions. Lately I’ve been pretty fed up of not bing able to find the right tool when I needed it. Not all my tools fit inside the tool case I have, which is a jam packed mess, and so I end up having to hunt over a variety of locations. Not as much fun as you might think, given that there is no chocolate at the end.

So I sought out the cheapest of the following that I could find: tins (I had old ones around,  but food tins or jam jars would of done it), magnetic knife racks (dunhelm mill is cheapest), twine/string,  expandable little curtain pole (99p from wilko), hooks and nails.

I used the string to hold back long garden tools against the shed. I found that you have to make the top line easily detachable,  otherwise you will be unable to get the tools out without bashing the ceiling.

I used big hooks at the top to hang hose pipe and electric tools from.


The old top shelf was painted with a tester pot of paint (watered down to manage the job) and rehung underneath the workbench shelf. Luckily I found that an old storage tack of mine fits underneath.

Also put up the little expandable net curtain rod to hold bundles of string and similar things.


Then I used the plastic coated metal twine to create holder loops for the plant tins. I divided up all the random packets of nails and things I had lying around so that I have a tin each for hooks/long screws/short screws/nails/wall plugs/cable tidy tacks, etc.  OCD heaven.  I might label them yet… [*swoon*]

The magnetic knife racks hold up lots of tools where you can see and reach them easily for use. Top tip: if the exposed metal of your screwdrivers isn’t really enough to hold them up against the magnet then use wire cutters top strip the plastic coating back, so there is more metal exposed.
I used old china plant pots and pretty hooks from a car boot sale to store extra things in, plus my Mum gave me a  lovely whimsical picture as she is having a clear out at the mo – and so I’ve found that a happy home. 🙂



And I know you want to see it. .. so here is the pre-easter egg hunt pic. And a nice picture of Richard O’brien. Obviously.




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