Trellis started, shingle down tomorrow.

Well, we are going over on the timescale, but every day something new comes together.


Today the weed suppressant matting went down (black stuff in the photo) and part of the trellis that will screen the washing line and utility area from view in the garden was up.


We also seem to have just about nailed where the curve of the brick path will go to at the cabin end. We’ve literally been playing with the lines of the bricks for days to try and get something that visually makes sense and has it’s own kind of logic for the direction of the end of the path. You’d be surprised how much difference a few inches this way or that looks – I.e. when the outside lines of the path did not go either side of doors by a similar number of inches on either side, it didn’t make sense. But I think we’ve got it now (sorry you can’t see it in the pix above, where the are rags on the floor it is because they are protecting the cement footings that have gone down. It will all become apparent tomorrow). So with thanks to my dad, who supplied another 80 reclaimed bricks from his brick collection (true!) we are ready to roll with the next step.


Elsewhere in the garden, the fencing along the side return is now up. Will have a nice time picking climbers to grow up to the trellis there one day – perhaps roses to look out of the kitchen windows at. It’ll all look so different once the shingle is down…

Also, my other half made an interesting suggestion – how about we put a tree to the left (if you are looking at it from outside) of the cabin? It would add necessary height to that side of the garden. We don’t really need another patio there after all as we already have an ample one before the lawn.
So, clearly the next logical step for me to take was to order a romantic semi circle tree bench or ‘kissing seat’ to go around whatever tree we plant in the circle. It cost £80… but anyway: Yay Ebay! 🙂
Half circle tree seat


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