Who can spot where the circular lawn is gonna go?!

Today the footings went in. These are the engineering bricks that form the bottom of wall structures. You won’t actually see these bricks afterward as they will only come up to where ground level will start in the future – I.e. They will be underground. My lovely reclaimed bricks will be built up on top of the engineering bricks to form the actual ridges of the paths and walls that you will see in the end product – as reclaimed bricks look much nicer.

You have to use engineering bricks in the ground as they are a much denser type of brick that will not absorb moisture. Normal bricks are less dense and if used directly (or a few tiers up) from the ground would suck up moisture from the soil like straws. Then when the frost comes and the water inside them freezes, they expand and blow. And that’d be the end of your strong wall.

Here is the photo of the lines drawn in blue paint. Then with the footings built. Spot the bricks around the lawn at the far end and then the raised bed cradling the path at the near end.





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