Art Attack!


No doubt I will eventually put up a photo of RTL (Roy The Landscaper) doing his thang.

Today however I want you to imagine him looking like this pic here of Neil Buccanen, whilst wreaking Art Attack on my garden.

Except for where Neil has a giant crayon, RTL had a can of blue spray paint.

And where Neil has a fresh faced, neat and tidy children’s TV presenter look… RTL was covered in mud and somehow managing to wear his beanie hat smurf-style, slid right back up and half falling off his head.

…And a final differentiating factor between the two men I suppose (you know, if you pushed me to say so)… would be that where Neil Buccanen was likely to have completed his Art Attack on a clean white studio room floor; RTL was working with a canvas of dirt.

Expect you want to know where this leading now, right?

Well this afternoon I came home early enough to catch an hour of daylight and tramped around a real *live* sketch of the garden plan. No more drawings on paper for me.  We sprayed blue paint lines on the earth to show where the boundaries of each element of the garden will go. This process is called ‘pegging out’ I think.

It was fun and creative!  We planned out the garden path for example, physically walking where it would go and imagining the how the boundaries around it would feel (such as the raised bed on one side and the patio on the other). If we didn’t like the feel of something, then we raked over the mud where the spray was to erase the existing line – and then sprayed out a new one.

Changes we made included making the raised bed more shallow in its depth, so that you could reach the back of it without straining in future when you come to tend to the plants there. Also a shallower bed meant that there was room enough across my narrow garden to put a path inbetween the raised bed and the patio (because when you want to get to the cabin you don’t want to be tripping over or creeping round furniture parked on the patio on the way to it, because there is no differentiated path through the space).

We also began to look at the conundrum of addressing the foot height difference in the ground level between the house and the cabin. I want to make a feature of the difference in gradient by having the lawn appear ‘sunken’ on a different level to the patio. This will look fab with the spot lights in the raised wall later. But if the lawn is a foot lower than the path that curves around it, then that presents a trip hazard. So you’ve either got to put up a low wall or rail… or put in couple of steps. Which is the option I’m going for. 

Finally, we also developed the path to be more organic and free form in its shape – I.e. of varying widths throughout its length. I think this will give a really nice, meandering feel to the path as it tapers into the garden and stretches round the lawn… before petering out into the gravel setting infront of the cabin.


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