Nuevo purchase

Very happy with my ebaying today. Secured this lovely ceramic table and chairs with a best offer of £125 in place £150 asking price. Now I am trying out a new courier comparison service to pick it up for me – you tell them what needs moving, from, to and when – then different courier companies bid for the job. So it’s like a reverse auction (do they call that a ‘Dutch auction’?). So far the best bid for an 88mile job has come down from £86 to £71.

Meantime, I’m really liking this patio set. Think it has nice warm colours in the ceramic and metal colour – and the seat colour makes it ‘pop’. Should play nicely with the reds in the path and raised bed brickwork – and stand out against the ‘mellow stone’ planned for the patio, which is more golden yellow in colour.





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