Pit to Paradise in 6 weeks (ish) – Day 1

The landscaper started today.

My house is a terrace place in the UK, Victorian/Edwardian style – so a long, narrow garden.

Up until a few months ago it was graced with the presence of a spruce tree that had grown taller than the building was high and bushier than the garden was wide,  a rubble pile 5ft tall and 2 skips wide and a veritable shanty town of sheds (5 in total) that Stig of the Dump himself could of easily made himself at home in.

Over the coming weeks I intend to have the wonky fencing taken down and replaced (extra high to block out view of neighbours wonky fence), the garden entirely cleared and 4 zones to be created out of the length of available space: utility area near the house, patio area for dining, lawn area for relaxing and cabin area for whatever-takes-my-fancy-where-I-can-still-see-the-garden-but-be-kept-in-the-relative-warm.

Tis very exciting.

Am very excited.

And a bit nervous.


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